Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stormsmiths Killed the Time Wizard

Who knew these little cuties could be so devious!?

Like most Cygnar players, the recent errata left me baffled at the repeated bashes to Haley1's soft, unprotected head.  Fortunately after much theory, very scientific experiementation and peer-reviewed articles I think I've uncovered the cause.  I've touched on this a bit on the social medias and stuff after I published my errata post but I'd also like to go over it in a littlemore depth here.

Immediately after the errata dropped I set to work contemplating the mystifying foam-rubberification of our favorite bullet magnet.  Like most people I came up empty trying to figure out what PP thought made her too powerful, but rephrasing the query to; "what changed between her release and now" prompted a head-slapping 'you dummy' response.

"Stormsmith Grenadiers, idiot." -my brain, c. Dec. 2017

Yes, those diminutive nerds pretending to play real sports by dressing in gridiron football pads and throwing vaguely ball-shaped electronics at people in the facepalmy attempt to get popular girls to like them.  Only, they caught the eye of one popular girl and like an insecure high school jock rising in defense of his territory, PP swiftly punted that girl back into her place.

"Only popular models with good prospects for you, young lady," scolded Privateer Press; "stick to Hunters and those dashing Gun Mage Captains."
"But moooom, Derek and his friends are really smart and could introduce new and interesting mechanics to the faction!" Haley whined.
"No!  They'll never get into a good school on an Arcane Savant scholarship and will end up spending the rest of their lives buried in debt and saddled with a laundry list of mediocre rules many players will bash their heads against a wall to use effectively.  If you ever see Derek or his friends again I'll revoke your SPD debuff privileges."

Haley1 was basically the only place I was excited to play Stormsmith Grenadiers; and I was very excited to play them there.  It's a good day any time you can stack multiple debuffs, and SPD is one of the most powerful stat to play with.  Between Barrier and Kinetic Grip you could drop the speed on specific models by 4.  Khador 'jacks become SPD 0, most other heavies SPD ~1 and even SPD 6 heavies drop their charging threat to 6-7".  On top of that with Blitz these little guys could spread the love around and chuck 6-12 SPD debuff AoEs or combo Voltaic Vortex to catch huge swaths of the table.  Seems pretty sweet, right?

Was it going to break the meta wide open though?  Probably not, honestly.  I'm fairly certain the combo, while strong, would've entered the "win more" category pretty quickly.  With a very low threat range (12" on the grenades) and susceptibility to stuff Haley already doesn't want to see; i.e. high accuracy shooting, these guys just end up screwing over matchups Haley probably already had in hand.  That said, I imagine that the NPE is real; whether a newer player or just somebody who didn't bring the right list that day, getting stuck into Haley1 already probably sucks; not being able to move your Juggernauts more than 3" at a time definitely sucks even more.

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