Tuesday, September 6, 2016

WotS Batrep 3 - Templecon 2016 Finals

Time for another exciting batrep; this time from the Templecon 2016 Masters finals featuring Andrew Briggs, who we saw win a close game against John Demaris in the previous batrep, facing off against Mike Ireland for the title!


  1. Nice battle report commentary.

    You mentioned that the Helena list is going to be pretty common. What do you think Cygnar needs to bring to the table to combat that list?

    I've played into it before and just like Lylyth3 in the BatRep I pretty much got tabled. That being said I was able to squeak out a win by electro leaping onto Helena and spiking some damage.

    Sentinels in particular are giving me a lot of heartburn.

    My thoughts on counters would be a Haley1 gun line and feat coupled with as many sniper shots as possible or a Siege feat turn.

  2. The Sentinels are the issue with the list; without them it's just a strong armor brick. I like to bring 2 Riflemen in any list I'm planning on taking against Helynna.