Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tourney Recap - NOVA Open Masters

‘Sup all!  I’m back from an exciting time at the NOVA Open and pretty pumped about the weekend!  A bunch of people have asked for recaps of my games from Masters and I’m nothing if not a humble servant of the masses so here they are!  All of my games were recorded by Advanced Maneuvers, so they’ll be on their YouTube channel sometime in the future if you want to watch the shenanigans in full-length Technicolor from the comfort of your own home.  I’m also going to try to commentate on the batreps for my own YouTube channel, so stay tuned for that if you’re interested.  With that in mind; this is going to be a super quick recap because the videos will be much more dynamic and exciting!

The lists!  They’re the same as they were in the Steamroller I played in for practice, so no huge surprises there.  Stuff’s good.

List 1

Major Victoria Haley (*5pts)
* Thorn (8pts)
* Stormwall (19pts)
* Squire (2pts)
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team (4pts)
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt (4pts)
Tactical Arcanist Corps (4pts)
Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire (4pts)
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios (3pts)
Gastone Crosse (3pts)
Journeyman Warcaster (3pts)
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator (1pts)

List 2

Commander Coleman Stryker (*6pts)
* Stormwall (19pts)
* Stormwall (19pts)
* Squire (2pts)
Storm Lances (Leader and 4 Grunts) (11pts)
Journeyman Warcaster (3pts)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1pts)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1pts)

Round 1

I get paired vs. Derek Apsche playing trixy Cryxies.  He has Terminus and someone else who doesn’t matter because it isn’t Terminus (pretty sure it was Shade3, though).  I drop Haley2 because Derek plays Cryx and he drops Terminus because I play Cygnar.  The scenario is Close Quarters and Derek goes first; I get a side with a sweet wall to hide behind.

Lich Lord Terminus (*4pts)
* Deathjack (12pts)
Blackbane's Ghost Raiders (Leader and 9 Grunts) (9pts)
Mechanithralls (Leader and 9 Grunts) (5pts)
* Skarlock Commander (1pts)
* 3 Brute Thrall (3pts)
Mechanithralls (Leader and 9 Grunts) (5pts)
* Skarlock Commander (1pts)
* 3 Brute Thrall (3pts
Necrosurgeon & 3 Stitch Thralls (2pts)
Necrosurgeon & 3 Stitch Thralls (2pts)
The Withershadow Combine (5pts)
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist (2pts)
Madelyn Corbeau, Ordic Courtesan (2pts)
Saxon Orrik (2pts)

Derek starts off by running super aggressively with all his stuff; including DJ.  I’m able to fill up the Stormwall with all my FOC and pump 3 cannon shots, a boosted Gypsy Kiss from Gastonne into the ‘jack, knocking both arms off and Disrupting it.  I keep my stuff back very conservatively.

Blurry photos add to the dramatic effect, right?

Derek runs again, jamming me up with Blackbanes and McThralls.  Bottom of 2 I charge Thorn into a Skarlock Commander, Shfit and get Arc Bolts into Madelyn and a Necrosurgeon.  TAC kill most of the Blackbanes and I start working on the McThralls.

Terminus trundles forward a bit.  I start the Time Bomb train on Terminus and keep killing McThralls, but Derek plays very conservatively with his last Surgeon so I’m unable to kill it and more keep popping out.

Terminus gets up close to Thorn and does a bunch of damage to him with the Withershadow.  I TK Terminus away and Bomb him, Alexia charges Gorman (who’s on Derek’s flag) and kills him and I score 1 CP.  I’ve killed most of the McThralls at this point.

Terminus moves back to the flag, kills Alexia and finishes off Thorn and scores 1 CP.  He’s far away now so Haley runs and dominates my flag; I kill off the Withershadow and rest of the McThralls and go to 2 CPs.

Terminus full-camps and runs at Haley; something contests my flag (a Stitch thrall maybe?) so I stay at 2 CPs.  The Stormwall double-handed throws Terminus away from the flag and Haley Bombs him, camps 3 with Arcane Shield.  The TAC score on Derek’s flag.  Because he can’t numerically kill Haley with Hellfires and can’t charge her, I win the game at the end of his turn with only a few minutes left on my clock.

Round 2

I get paired vs. Aaron Fishkow playing Circle.  Aaron and I had planned to play in the finals, but Dohyou screwed us and invalidated our sacred pact.  He has a crazy Morvahna2 list with 4 units of heavy infantry and only 1 ‘beast paired with a Brad theme force.  I’m pretty sure Stryker can weather either list and drop him into Brad on Recon.

Bradigus Thorle The Runecarver (*6pts)
* Woldwatcher (5pts)
* Woldwatcher (5pts)
* Woldwatcher (5pts)
* Woldwatcher (5pts)
* Woldwatcher (5pts)
* Woldwatcher (5pts)
* Woldguardian (9pts)
* Woldguardian (9pts)
Sentry Stone (Leader and 3 Manikins) (3pts)
Sentry Stone (Leader and 3 Manikins) (3pts)
Shifting Stones (2pts)
Shifting Stones (2pts)
Shifting Stones (2pts)  

I win initiative and choose to go first on Recon.  There’s a big forest between the left flag and zone that’s pretty sweet for Aaron.

I go first the run stuff; the SSCs towards the flag on the other side of the forest to contest on later turns.  Aaron advances and sets up the forest wall but has to move around his objective and isn’t able to fully block one Sentry and one Watcher.

I put 4 cannon shots into the Watcher and take some chunks out of it.  2 Lances charge the Sentry and leave it on 1, the rest run around the Stormwalls to make getting into melee difficult.  Aaron moves forward very aggressively with most of his Watchers, ports one Guardian out to kill a Storm Lance and moves Brad to the left flag to score 1 CP.


I clear out some jamming Mannikins and charge everything in.  My Stormwall on the left is able to make a charge into the forest and get within 4” of the flag.  He kills 2 Watchers.  The other Stormwall kills the Guardian and I go Invincible.

Aaron takes a long turn and thinks about stuff.  He ends up running 2 of the Watchers and a Guardian around from the left towards Stryker in the middle, then Feats them 5” closer.  Brad sets up some stone triangles and chillaxes.  The Stormwalls start attacking the remaining Wolds but crap the bed and miss a bunch of times, leaving the Guardian and one Watcher alive.  Stryker runs away like a bitch towards the right side.

Brad charges and Beatbacks into a stone triangle in the middle to port him over towards the right flag.  The Watcher on that side kills 2 Storm Lances (they didn’t have Arc Shield at that point).  More stones port into the zone.  I move my Stormcallers to contest the left flag and keep the Stormwall there.   Combined the Stormwalls finish off a Watcher.  Lances start RBA’ing stones to death to break units.  Stryker runs behind a wall in my backfield.

Brad moves over to the right flag, kills a lightning pod I put there and beat-backs to the flag.    The Guardian kills my Objective, putting Aaron to 3 CPs.  I kill the Guardian and the remaining Watcher is left with 2 crippled aspects; the right Stormwall runs to the right flag to contest.  Aaron has a little over a minute on his clock at this point and calls the game.

Aaron had a very strong scenario play, but I was able to kill to much stuff early to cement it.  He had stones set up in the middle for a charge+BB+shift to the other flag, so I had to contest both at all times; fortunately the left Stormwall could also toe the zone so he didn’t have the option of a cheeky Dominate there.  Once scenario was locked down there was little Brad could do, but Aaron played a great game!

Round 3

I play Matt Padget with his Trollbloods.   He’s obviously very commited to the background of the game because he’s bringing 2 theme forces; Runes of War and Evelemental Evolutionaryism.  I drop Haley2 vs. Runes on Two Fronts.  Matt wins initiative and chooses to take the first turn.

Hoarluk Doomshaper (*7pts)
* Troll Axer (6pts)
* Dire Troll Mauler (9pts)
* Earthborn Dire Troll (10pts)
* Mulg the Ancient (12pts)
Krielstone Bearer and 5 Stone Scribes (4pts)
* Krielstone Stone Scribe Elder (1pts)
Trollkin Runeshapers (Leader and 2 Crew) (3pts)
Trollkin Runeshapers (Leader and 2 Crew) (3pts)
Trollkin Runeshapers (Leader and 2 Crew) (3pts)
Trollkin Runeshapers (Leader and 2 Crew) (3pts)
Janissa Stonetide (3pts)


Matt runs his stuff forward; the heavies behind the Theme Force walls and Janissa hiding behind them.  I have a sweet wall on my side, so the Stormwall gets Acceleration and shoots Janissa 3 times and kills her.  Thorn runs to get a Time Bomb on Mulg to stop him from getting cheeky.  The rest of the list sets up to shoot at Runeshapers.

Matt gets Banishing Ward on Mulg and moves up his Runeshapers to deviate some AoEs.  One does 2 damage to Ryan but that’s it.  I’m able to get a Time Bomb on the EBDT and catch Mulg; between the Stormwall, TAC and A&H I kill the 4 Runeshapers in my zone and Haley Dominates behind a TAC cloud for 1 CP.  Some Runeshapers die on the other side too; one unit flees from Hellfire.

The heavies durdle around a bit; 3 more Runeshapers get into my zone.  A couple Runeshapers throw rocks at Alexia but one gets Vortexed and the others miss.  Doomshaper Purifies Arc Shield and puts his buffs out but goes to 0 camp; the EBDT had to push him close to a wall for +2 ARM from Transmute.  The Axer gets a charge on Thorn but doesn’t do much damage.  I clear my zone again, Bomb the EBDT again and re-shield Thorn.  Massive casualtiese causes the rest of the Runeshapers to flee; Alexia makes Thralls and kills Matt’s Objective and I go to 3 CPs.

The Axer doesn’t frenzy but is sitting on 2 Fury from last turn; Mulg runs into my zone and the Mauler moves up and goads through my 3 Thrall Warriors.  The EBDT Transmutes Mulg and Doomy camps a ton and hides behind a wall.  I decide that it’s go time and fill up the Stormwall; the plan is to Time Bomb a Stonescribe next to Mulg so that Eiryss can shoot of BW so I can land a Kiss and kill him with the Stormwall under Shift.  Thorn moves to max melee with the Axer so as not to provoke a free-strike and I fire off the Time Bomb.  The measurement to the target is very close so we have to call a judge, who rules that it’s out of range and it deviates off of Mulg.  Danger zone!  I go into the tank for a while and decide to push for my opponent’s zone instead of killing Mulg.  Haley Feats and the Stormwall kills the Axer.

Not much else is able to get into my opponent’s zone under Shift besides a couple Stonescribes.  The Stormwall kills the Mauler and one Stonescribe, the B13 finish off the rest of the Stonescribes and Runeshapers and Haley runs to Dominate the zone to score me 5 CPs.

The game ended up being a little closer than I wanted it to be; the Time Bomb being out of range flustered me a bit and I had to switch gears but I didn’t have a backup plan handy, which made it awkward.  Matt played a very cagey game, which made it tough to get to his heavies.

Round 4

The finals vs. Jordan Nach and more tricksy Cryxies!  We agree that basically regardless of what our lists look like the matchup is going to be Asphyxious2 vs. Haley2.  The scenario is Incoming and Jordan wins initiative, which is very bad for me.  I get a side with a sweet hill and wall, though.

Lich Lord Asphyxious (*6pts)
* Nightwretch (4pts)
* Nightwretch (4pts)
Bane Knights (Leader and 9 Grunts) (10pts)
Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Bane Thrall Officer & Standard (3pts)
Bile Thralls (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
Satyxis Blood Witches (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
* Satyxis Blood Hag (2pts)
Satyxis Raiders (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Satyxis Raider Sea Witch (2pts)
Bane Lord Tartarus (4pts)

Hilariously, we both admit that we think the matchup is bad for us.  Also I didn't take any pictures.  Deal with it.

I deploy pretty spread out, mostly I was worried about clumping for Bile Thrall but might have spread a little too thin.  Jordan runs his stuff pretty far forward.  I’m able to get some early shots off on his Raiders; Thorn on the hill sees over the Raiders to the Sea Witch so I Arc Bolt her and another Raider out and Gastonne kills one.  The Stormwall keeps pretty far back so as not to get Feated off the board too early.

Jordan runs again; the Raiders charge Thorn and CMA him for a couple damage.  Everything else runs up to jam super hard.  I decide to move the Stormwall up and Shift; I give Thorn a couple to stab some Satyxis (he only kills 2) and Arcane Bolt some more before I move up behind TAC smoke to catch basically everything but Gaspy in my CNTRL.  The Stormwall moves up and kills a couple Bane Knights with guns and AnH+Gastonne do the same.  I make sure to keep a couple Knights close to Haley alive.

Jordan decides that he’s losing too hard on attrition so he makes a risky play; Asphyxious runs up in a forest in his zone and camps 7, scoring 1 CP.  Everything else just walks up.  I decide to go for the assassination because I figure that my Stormwall will be dead in a turn anyway.  I fill the big guy up with Focus and Lucky Charm Haley so I have 2 shots at a 3D6-minus-lowest 9 to TK Asphyxious; I figure if I hit that I’ll go for him, otherwise the Stormwall can still get Tartarus and a bunch of Bane Knights and Biles.  Luckily, I hit him on the first roll and pull him in.  After that, I have a 7 to hit him with Kiss of Lylyss but Aiyana misses.  Gastonne shoots Asphyxious and rolls high damage for 2 points.  The Stormwall charges, boosts it’s charge attack needing a 7 but misses.  I then try to hard roll the rest of its attacks and hit them all, but roll relatively low for damage.  I hit on my final attack and spike high, overkilling Asphyxious by a couple points.

The assassination run was a little dicey; IF Stormwall hits the average number of attacks (the boosted charge and 3 of the 5 other swings) after I get the TK, he overkills Asphyxious by 3 damage.  Obviously it becomes much more likely if Aiyana hits her Kiss or Gastonne rolls high, but it was still diceyer than I usually like.  Jordan felt that he was down enough that his best bet was to give up the assassination and take some serious board position if it failed; I’m not sure how the game would have played out had that been the case, but I was pretty sure that the rest of my army can kill enough that I’m able to still play a game even if the Stormwall fails to dirt Asphyxious (or, at the very least, open an assassination run later if he’s damaged).  The irony is that I felt disadvantaged enough in the matchup due mainly to the Biles and Asphyxious’ late-game abilities to go for the assassination that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  I think the moral of the story is that I need to play the matchup a couple more times to see how it shakes out normally.

Anyhoo; there are my games from NOVA Open Masters!  Hope you enjoyed!  As I said before; these games should be on the internet on Advanced Maneuvers and possibly my channel as well in the not-too-distant future, so stay tuned!

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