Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tourney Recap - East Coast Rumble Masters

Having won my qualifier pod I was in the ECR Masters; battling tooth and nail with 16 other players from hardcore and the other pods for the coveted WMW Invitational spot! I played essentially the same lists that I had in the qualifiers, with a small change from Viktor to Madelyn in Stryker’s list.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Tourney Recap - East Coast Rumble Qualifier

Hey all! I just finished up a report of my games from the East Coast Rumble Masters qualifier pods!   For those who don’t know, East Coast Rumble is a (previously) small Warmachine/Hordes event run in New Jersey every year. In past years it was focused on the social aspect of the game, offering camaraderie and alcohol in addition to good games of Warmachine and the occasional ticket to a local con (like the late Dark Omen Invitational or CaptainCon). This year, however, it was awarded a WMWI qualifier spot and almost instantly doubled in size, with over 110 players arriving from across the country to compete for the coveted qualification.