Thursday, February 12, 2015

Talking Tactics - Cygnar in the 2015 Meta

'Sup guys!

I'm on a recovery regime from Templecon and just getting over the lack of sleep and Warmachine overdose. A big 'ol thank-you to everyone I met at the con for making it hella awesome and just being super sweet!

I had a couple discussions with several people about Cygnar in the 2015 meta is it's shaking up that were very enlightening; things have changed very drastically very rapidly for our boys in blue and I'd like to touch on that 'real quick. Caveat; I'm pretty sure I wrote a whole book and will be talking to a publisher soon, so be prepared for a bit of a long article. It's all super cereal so I put cute pictures in there to spice up the monotony. Before that, though, I want to reminisce about back in the day.