Friday, September 26, 2014

Tourney Prep - B4AC 2014

Last year I attended Dark Omen Gaming Club’s second annual “Boost for a Cure” charity tournament and put on a profoundly average showing (here’s a link to my battle reports from last year). This year, I hope to at least recreate my past mediocrity; ideally do better, though. To that end, I’ve gone about crafting some successful yet not particularly creative lists that I’ll talk about a little. The pairing is my absolute favorite; Haley2 and Stryker2! According to local Cygnar guru and all-around scarf fanatic Ben Cort, the Haley “Thornwall” variant (that features a Bonded Stormwall in addition to Thorn, as opposed to being restricted to one or the other) paired with an anti-infantry oriented Stryker2 variant (the new “New England” Stryker2 list or, as Ben calls it; “Out of Order”;) is one of, if not the single strongest list pairing Cygnar can offer. As much as I like sweeping generalizations, I don’t know if I’d make that one personally, but it is a strong pairing. Both lists can play out of poor matchups while being much stronger in specific matchups so list-chicken isn’t as much of a problem and they both tend to have strong game against particular list archetypes, giving my opponent a bit of trouble in the list-selection phase. That’s a lot of words I just wrote, so let’s go ahead and get into what makes this particular pairing hum.